Sunday, July 19, 2009

...and we're back!

Vacation bullet points:
Nate started incorporating the phrase likity split into his vocabulary. Awesome.

Everett clapping whenever he gets excited. Mister Baby spends his life in a state of euphoria, so there has plenty of clapping around here. My favorite? When he's crawling and realizes that he needs to clap. His internal struggle: clap? crawl? clap? crawl? Most times, he opts to wave for a bit and keep crawling.

Giving Claire her very first s'more. Verdict? I yike it, Mama. Of course you do, baby. Also, during family camp with our church: "I want to go for a walk with that cute lil man, Joshua." (he's almost 3) Wow. I thought we had a few more years before that would come out of her mouth.


cmhd said...

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

I missed you! Glad you're back and blogging.