Tuesday, July 28, 2009

one oh seven.

This picture was not taken today, obviously. Because if it were taken today, the kids would be drenched in sweat wearing jackets and sweaters and jeans. Today was crazy hot. Too hot for hot pink cowboy hats even. Seriously hot.

I wish I had a picture for today. A picture of us sweaty and tired and driving around aimlessly. I was too hot to think inside my house. I wish I had a picture of us pulling onto their street, hot weather refugees, avoiding home. And then, four lil naked bodies running wild: two brown, two lily white.

This weather makes me surly and sweaty and insecure. Thanks for taking us in and letting us crash your toddler party. Thanks for letting me leave an 8 pound diaper in your backyard. Thanks for having AC in that bright orange house.

1 comment:

katie said...

ummmm... you crack me up, our bright orange house is always open if your willing to make the trek! We love you guys!