Thursday, August 06, 2009


Dear Everett,
Today we spent time with a good friend who is soon to have her second baby, a boy. Like all mamas of two, she wonders how on earth her older child is going to cope when the new little one comes along. A year ago, I wondered the same thing. I worried about how your sister would cope with the intrusion of this new little Mister. I was afraid.

Today, I listened as your sister called to you from her bedroom, "Come on, Ev. Let's have a dance party!" You crawled full tilt toward her, giggling. I wish I could tell myself a year ago that there is no need to worry, that you will be crazy about each other and that even in the moments when you aren't, it will all be okay. I wish I could tell my friend that her big girl's life will be richer than she can imagine, that her heart will stretch to accommodate her little penguin.


Anonymous said...

No fair! You make me cry first thing in the morning......:) Love you, Mom

Alida said...

Isn't lovely?

Happy McNally Mom said...

He is getting so big. He is soooo cute.

Alida said...

I really need to double check my comments. Isn't lovely? What's does that mean? It should say,

Isn't it lovely?