Saturday, August 22, 2009

disadvantage: dong.

Despite the fact that men get to pee standing up, make way more money than their female counterparts and don't have to deal with bras, childbirth or menstruation there is one area that is far from equal for little boys. That my friends, would be the diaper.

I changed diapers for a good 2 years before Everett was born. Claire could use any brand without a problem. Such is not the case for the Mister. Unless I buy one particular brand of expensive (though supposedly more enviornmentally friendly?) disposables, he ends up soaked. The result? I am in possession of one nearly full case of size 3 Kirklands. I'll gladly share them with anyone in the area that has a girlchild.

Any takers? Mister loves to share. There's a glass ceiling when it comes to diapers and Mister has hit it.

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Anonymous said...

darn... we just switched to 4's :) ~Lindsay