Thursday, August 27, 2009

for his therapist

Yesterday I forgot to feed him dinner. Just totally forgot. And then wondered why he was crying.

Today I forgot to sunscreen his little white self at the park. Then thankfully, I borrowed some from a more-prepared friend.

And still he smiles. With her, I worried because she was slow to warm. With him, I worry because he smiles all the time.

At no other point of my life would I have been worried because someone in my family was extremely happy, but as a mother, somehow it makes perfect sense.

Parenting two kids: double the mommy-guilt. I am ridiculous.


Glory Laine said...

Ha ha ha, he he (snort)
For my kids high school graduation present I am already saving to sent them to a first class therapist. It's the least I can do.

Alida said...

Well Glory...yeah, I've seen the pictures:)

Seriously I've often wondered what has becoming of that assertive, slighty annoying (okay, very annoying) woman in her late twenties that made a decision and never thought twice, never fretted. I really like her!

I'm talking about me of course, or maybe you or more likely every mother in the world:)

Alida said...

Oh yeah that other me, used to be able to form a legible sentence too. She was quite talented:)

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