Tuesday, September 22, 2009

another first for my first.

Dear Claire,
Today you packed treasures into your rainbow backpack: teddy, blankie and your Valentine card from the Dada. We held hands while I walked you into your classroom. I signed you in. I handed over your rainbow backpack. And then I handed over you.
After, we went to lunch, just the two of us. You chose a spot, "We can sit here, Mommy. Because we're two girls." I peppered you with questions. I asked what you learned. You played it cool. Later at the park, I overheard you whispering to a little girl that we don't know, "I go to preschool." Yeah you do, big girl.
I couldn't love you more.


Kristine said...

Woohoo! Yay Claire and yay Momma for letting her go to preschool! :D

cmhd said...

Oh, sweet! I love the pic! Hope she's having fun (and you are too)!