Saturday, September 26, 2009

make mine a double.

Claire had a friend over for several hours. The friend's mother and I frequently swap childcare, which has been awesome. Except that today is the day after Claire stayed up 3 hours past her regular bedtime. Except that we have no milk in the house and I am working on weaning. Except.

I had planned to let the girls play until the friend's mama came to get her, but the friend requested a nap. I nestled her into the pack-n-play. Claire went ballistic. Crying, I wanna nap in dere! She attempted to climb in on top of her playmate. It was not pretty.

Then I remembered that we were out of milk.

Claire requested a sippy of milk, as part of her usual naptime routine. I told her that we were out. Tears. Then I told her that if she were quiet and calm we could go to Starbucks together after for a special treat after rest time.

With tears streaming down her face, still sobbing, she says, "Black Rock."

What did you say? I ask.

"I like Black Rock." Says my three year old coffee snob.


Kristine said...

HAHAHA :) nice.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Cody just got a bug-not very pretty, but he has some grand ideas...Does Nate still have a website? I'm thinking Nate would be a godsend to my boy.

Their Giant said...

Shoot me an email and I'll send you Nate's info.


cmhd said...