Friday, October 30, 2009

a day without vomit.

Our evening routine looks something like this:
Dinner, baths, stories, milk, brush teeth, a little singing and bed

Sunday night, Everett decides that we need a change:
Dinner, baths, stories, milk, empty stomach contents onto mama, second bath, water, bed

For three nights we did this. Then, yesterday, he stopped.

Our morning routine looks something like this:
Mama gets up for a little quiet time, then breakfast, bible reading, brush teeth, get dressed and Sesame Street.

This morning, Nate calls me to Everett's room at 5 AM so we can strip sheets, clean the baby and wash more clothes. At least he didn't aim it at me this time.


mama miller said...

Sorry friend! Maybe Ev just wants vomit instead of Poop! to be the thing you guys always talk about! We millers always love your poop stories and are PRAYING for your vomit ones!....I hope that at least gives you a little giggle! Love you guys!

Alida said...

Oooh noo. I couldn't get to your blog. (It's a long story.) I'm so sorry Everett is not feeling well. This may sound totally silly, but Isabela is my little puker. I rub the soles of her feet with white vinegar. (Really soak the wash cloth) It's an old home remedy. Then just put some socks on and the vomiting usually stops right away. Let me know if it works. I'll be praying for your little guy.