Sunday, December 13, 2009

merry & bright: a holiday savings guide.

1. Purchase festive Christmas leaderhead at 75% off at the end of the holiday season, 2008. Store for safe keeping.

2. Write Christmas letter.

3. Tear up contents of one 2400 square foot house (basement included) searching for festive Christmas letterhead.

4. Purchase new festive Christmas letterhead at full price because you can't find the discount package.

5. Print Christmas letter on full price letterhead.

6. This, of course, is the ideal point for your husband to point out an obvious type-o.

7. Purchase second package of festive Christmas letterhead.

8. Eat a few (thousand) Christmas cookies (bless you Jenn K and your crack cookies).

9. Repeat step 5.


Jennipher said...

those cookies have helped me through many a holiday meltdown :)

Glory Laine said...

10. Find discount letter head while putting away Christmas decorations. Suck thumb.