Friday, December 11, 2009

v-bac to this again.

"Mommy, did I come out of your private area?" She asked, casually.

For me this will never be a casual question. And I have resolved to never lie to her. This is what I said:

No, Clairegirl. You came out of my tummy.

"But Everett came out of your private area..." She wondered aloud.

And you, sweetgirl, came out of my tummy. I told her about how we'd hoped she'd come on Easter. How I had a sweet little pink dress just in case. I told her about walking at the park with The Dada, and all of the things we tried to get her to come out. I told her about how she just wouldn't budge. Then I told her about the meconium. She wanted to hear that part again and again.

"Were my toenails brown when I came out too?" She asked.

Nope. Just your fingernails.

"Tell me the part about the poop again, Mommy."

So I did. And I told her about how long it took to get her out and that the midwife was starting to worry about her because of the poop. I told her that we decided together that the most important thing was that she would be born safe. I told her that we only cared about meeting her. I told her that they gave me good medicine so that it wouldn't hurt when they cut into my stomach. She seemed concerned for a moment then. She asked questions about how they got her out. I explained the cutting. I told her she could see the scar.

"You mean in a picture, Mommy?"

No honey, on my tummy. There's a line where you were cut out of me.


And Clairegirl, you were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. We only cared about seeing you born safe. Three years later, I can say that and mean it. As frustrating as that day was, I have no regrets. That is the magic of this girl.


Jennipher said...

precious...she is a treasure! oh and I want this shirt she has's rad!

Their Giant said...

that shirt is in, it was Nate's from when he was 2. I'll have to post pictures of him in it- adorable.

Unknown said...

I love telling and the kids love hearing stories of their birth. I'm not sure if they know EXACTLY where they ventured from, but Luke loves to tell people he played peek-a-boo when he was being born.(He kept crowning and then sliding back)

Cynthia said...

This made me cry! So glad Claire made it safely into the world and you not only recovered, but delivered Everett like the mom of all champions!