Sunday, January 10, 2010


Guys, have you read Don Miller's new book? You should. This book is perfect for the beginning of the year. In a recent post about living a good story he describes the importance of creating an inciting incident. I have loved working through my list of 33 things because it has forced me into all kinds of scenes that I wouldn't have found myself in (see also: I ran a 5K last weekend for the first time).

When I sat down to write the list, if number 7 had read: exercise 4 times per week, I would have failed. But, because I paid the money, signed up for the 5K and invited a friend to run (ahead of me, but still)...I found myself running in preparation for the 5K. The inciting incident motivated me in a way that skinny jeans could not.

Living a great story is way better motivation than some silly resolution anyway. Anyone want to go public an inciting incident? Any non-resolutions?

Unrelated: a photo of the girlie at the exact age that Mister Baby is now. We bought her a "running jacket" the other day at a thrift place. She won't take it off. She told me that she's going to run 6 miles when she's six and seven miles when she's seven. In so many ways, she's me only smaller.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Kari, I am with you. I don't use the R word. You have a great way of looking at it. Great job on your list. Especially proud of your race accomplishment. Gramma Curtis

Jennipher said... of my favorite words! I agree with you 100% friend :)

Unknown said...

"Living a great story..." Is there any better goal in life?

Cynthia said...

Who's Don Miller?
Haha! J/k obviously;)
You have a birthday coming up, missy! Here's to 33!

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