Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dear Clairegirl,
Remember when I used to write you thoughtful little letters detailing your development each month? And then the letters abruptly stopped around the time the Mister entered our lives? Sorry about that. It is never that I don't notice you. But we are in a different world now, girlie girl. It is not easy. And while it is easier now than it was at the beginning, I will forever feel like I am trying to catch up.

This week, I had a little cold, nothing serious but enough to keep the 'midifier close at night and keep us home most days. At this stage, that's pretty rare for us. You don't seem to mind. It's not like we sat around watching The Price is Right. We have baked. We have planted seeds. We made cheese. We have danced. A lot. I am reminded that somehow, in the fall we we move from leisurely mornings to driving you across town 3 days a week for preschool. I'm still not sure how that is going to work, only that it will.

A big selling point of your school is that it starts at 9:30. We NEED a 9:30 start time. We haven't really had to be out of the house for anything on a regular basis in about 4 years. It is all changing, as it always does. I will remind myself to keep on noticing you as we spend this summer together and I prepare to be away from you 9 hours a week.

You're going to love it. And I will be there at 12:30 each day to collect your artwork and hear your stories.
I love you, Pooper.


cmhd said...

I love the reversing of the tongues sticking out in the pictures. :)

Jennipher said...

she will love it so much! and you will cry at each preschool's awesome :)

Cynthia said...

Those pics are some framers as are most of them!