Thursday, February 18, 2010

three dreams from the day after enrolling claire into preschool

1. We're playing with a pilates ball. The teacher circles around and tells me, "This is really embarrassing, but I need to ask you to stop showing your crack to the students."

2. An extremely tough looking 4 year old punches Claire in the face. Claire has a seizure. I tell the teacher, "My son has seizures."

3. The teacher is driving my car. The kids are in the backseat. I tell her to turn left, she turns directly off a cliff. We are submerged. I manage to get out of the car and attempt to pull it out of the water with my huge biceps.

Other than that, I'm fine.


Eric and Kristine said...

Letting go and trusting someone else to teach/watch your child is hard, but it'll be okay. :) Think of the great Ev time you'll get too!

Des said...

you must have competed in the bench press contest

Jennipher said...

those dreams just continue...the anxiety of sending your first baby off to school is worse than your own anxiety about school days as a kid! my favorite is the crack....on my gosh i cannot wait to read this to aaron!

cmhd said...

If #1 actually happens, can we ask you NOT to include a picture? :)