Monday, February 08, 2010

wouldn't it be lovely?

Everything she sees lately is lovely. This is lovely oatmeal, Mommy. I love you, lovely Mommy.

I do not feel so lovely. I am tired and irritable and my skin is itchy. I am tired of being stuck indoors. Tired of our torn apart house. I am tired. I think I have been tired for about five years now.

It's hard to be an angerball when someone so lovable spends her days calling you lovely.


Anonymous said...

You are indeed, lovely!

Alida said...

You need a lovely day off. Next week, if you need to have the kids for your plans, bring them over and go do your thing...alone.

Anonymous said...

anger ball!! always funny. i'm sorry things are less than lovely for you kar.
love you.

Priscilla Marie said...

I sooo know what your talking about her ;) lub ya!