Monday, March 22, 2010

and the winners are...

Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment in support of Mel's trip to Haiti. Because of your comments, she'll be $15 closer to what she needs to raise. I was thinking about getting her one of those big Ed Mcmahon checks, but I think I'll go with a regular sized one.

Thanks also to friends who emailed asking how they could either buy bracelets or donate directly to Melissa's trip. I know she appreciates it. And I'm happy to connect you with her if you're interested in giving.

The winners of the bracelet drawing were Grandma C and Lindsay. Nate drew names at random in the shop about ten minutes ago. I'll be in contact with you to deliver your prizes.* And Hollie, it was Chare' that scared Mel when she was a little kid. Something about a chickensuit and pecking if I remember correctly...Foofy Foofy Brown Hair was a term of endearment directed at your man.


Anonymous said...

To clarify Chare was eating
chicken in a biscuit crackers. She chased me around Nate's old house pretending to be a chicken. I guess the crackers inspired her. (:


Unknown said...

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