Tuesday, March 23, 2010

terminology: compassion fatigue.

Once there was a girl who loved people. She thought she might like to be a social worker so she tried that for a while. She realized that she couldn't quite cope with holding people's pain.

Once that same girl who loved people thought she should probably stop being a social worker. So she did. When people wondered what she was going to do next she said she was going to paint her kitchen. When that wasn't enough, she told them that maybe she'd go to school.

Once that girl started school, only to discover that a tiny girl baby was going with her. By and by she realized that she wanted to be this baby's mommy more that anything else.

Once there was a girl who loved people. She wasn't cut out for social work or for school but she was perfectly suited to be a mommy. From time to time, people would recognize the social worker or the teacher inside the mommy and she would hold their pain for as long as she could.

But always she would realize that it wasn't hers to hold. So she'd exchange it with the One who was perfectly suited to hold people's pain.


Anonymous said...

well said. i'm so happy i found your blog. please don't look at mine. hasn't been updated since i don't know when. missed you sunday.

Jennipher said...

I'm blessed to know you. I'm thankful for the gifts that God has blessed you with. I love watching you walk with our Lord...it's encouraging.

Anonymous said...

i just really like that girl.
love you.