Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today started strong. It was raining so we went to the gym. Claire didn't want to go to the childwatch. No problem. I told her. We'd only be there an hour. After, there would be fruit leather and a trip to the craft store and finger painting.

By the time I was in the shower, I was feeling pretty great. I went to pick them up from the childwatch.

She was ready for snack. Only I forgot the leather. No problem. I told her. We could pick a special snack at the store. Just a quick trip to the mall for a return and then on to the craft store.

On the way to the mall, Mister Baby had covered himself in water. No problem. I would return the things that we didn't need, get him a new shirt and we'd be on our way.

Only Mister Baby was in the mood to run. And I forgot the stroller. I returned the items, shopped fast and headed for the escalator. Mister attempted to leap from my arms while his terrified sister stood paralyzed at the top and we headed down. No problem?!?!?!?!?

Panicked, I climbed to the top of the escalator while my wild monkey of a son tried to climb off of me. I grabbed her in one arm, him in the other and headed down. By the time he jumped out of my arms, I noticed that my shirt had come untied. In a split second I had to choose between modesty and saving the Mister. It was not an easy call. I exposed my (less than stellar) bra to the store whilst grabbing the Mister again, strategically placing him in front of me and bolting for the door. All the while, my girlie is absolutely thrilled with her purchase and at a volume somewhere around 11, describes in detail how much she LOVES HER NEW PANTIES, MAMA. I'M GOING TO WEAR THEM EVERYDAY. BUT FIRST WE WASH THEM. THAT'S THE RULES.

Somedays you just hang onto whoever is in front of you. Somedays, even if you find yourself standing in a field of flowers, you just can't fake a smile.

Unrelated: it's official: my kids hate tulips. I've always been more of a peony girl.


cmhd said...

Awesome pic! (The one from 2 years ago is a classic - man I love that pic!) This is what most days feel like to me lately. Half the time I am convinced that passersby are going to call CPS because a certain toddler lets everyone within earshot know that she doesn't want to be buckled into her carseat. Complete with hysterical head-shaking. One day, I finally reached the end of any and all ideas to deal with it, so instead I pulled out my camera and shot a little video. You know, to blackmail her with later. Sometimes, it's just not your (or my) day. We rock anyway. :)

Jennipher said...

o man..been there so many times sister! thanks for the laugh:)

Des said...

this picture is absolutely priceless. More than a 1000 words are communicated here!

Priscilla Marie said...

Ahahahaha! That picture is too funny! Love it! And oh my word KARI!! Your trip to the mall sounds exhausting!! Seriously! I know those days and I won't miss them when the kids grow up! Love you!

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