Friday, April 23, 2010

spring fashion week: friday

She comes running into the kitchen.
Today is the last day I am this many, Mama.
She spreads three fingers wide.
Next I'll be this many and this many and this many and this many...

It was a Sunday, four years ago today. I had labored all night. We were checking into the hospital. We thought you'd come soon. You had different plans. Finally, the next day just after 5 AM you arrived. From the first moment of motherhood, nothing has gone exactly as I planned. How can you be four? I was planning on you being little for so much longer.
How appropriate that today she wanted to try on her "too big clothes."
Here's what she found:
More Trees Please T-shirt: Thrifted
Much too large Bongo capris: Thrifted
Pink & White Cowboy Boots: Handed down from Rose


Jennipher said...

loved spring fashion week! happy birthday sweetest girl!

cmhd said...

Love the shirt. Happy Birthday to Claire!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Precious Girl! Oma and Papa love you more than imaginable.

Lyna said...

Oh how I wish I would jhave read this Friday, we would have sung Happy birthday 3 or 4 times to her on Sunday. Happy Birthday Claire.