Tuesday, April 20, 2010

spring fashion week: tuesday

Claire's style influences are industrial (heavy doses of boots) and parental (accented with items stolen from her parents). This month also marked her first opportunity to pick several items at Old Navy. Usually, I give her choices between a few things (that I like). This time, I let her pick five shirts. Every. Single. One was purple.
Today's look:
Purple flower shirt: Old Navy
Plaid shorts: Osh Kosh, thrifted
Polka Dot boots: Fred Meyer, Borrowed from Mama


cmhd said...

I'm loving the fashion show. And the purpleis cute. Besides, if you look a purple gift horse in the mouth, it might turn pink. Then you're really in trouble. :)

Their Giant said...

You forget that I feel about purple the way you do about pink.

PS. Don't tell TLO, but she's missing a pink and purple party this weekend :)

cmhd said...

As soon as I hit 'publish' I remembered your deal with purple. I am truly sorry for the pain you are suffering through. :)

And have fun - I wish we could be there. Let's have another party in July!