Saturday, May 22, 2010

7. Run in an actual race.....twice

Not because it was on the list. But because I can.
Is it weird that my feet aren't touching the ground? And yes, I ran the whole darn thing with that ridiculous smile on my face. Because I can.
Though the prize goes to Auntie Mel for completing her first race. And also to Hollie for completing her first postpartum run. Not bad, ladies.


Jennipher said...

WOW!!! So awesome! Go rock!!!!:) wish I coulda been there:)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is so cool. Way to go! I find this very entertaining, because I just informed Jason this evening that I shall begin training for a run, tomorrow. You've totally inspired me that indeed it can be done.

cmhd said...

Well done, ladies! You all rock!

Their Giant said...

Any time you wanna run, I'm right down the street :)

Anonymous said...

I'll take you up on that! I have to get past dying in my first mile and a half though. I'm already running, so it shouldn't take too long.