Friday, May 07, 2010

this girl.

She's started asking if she can borrow specific pairs of shoes when she gets older.

She wants to start dance lessons. When I told her we could start after soccer ends, she said, "I want to do dance all the times." When I told her we would try it and see if she likes it she said, "I'm going to LOVE it, Mama."
Of course you are, girlie girl.

This girl can cry for hours over a paper cut and obsess about how much it's going to hurt later to get the paper cut wet in the bath. Meanwhile, her brother* can pretty much lose a limb without breaking a sweat.

*For those who are curious, Mister Baby's hole in the head was a result of a face-plant on a steep set of stairs at the "horsey park." And yeah, I know, I should have been holding his hand.

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Jennipher said...

the dancing part makes laugh...Abby Sue was in ballet and actually really good but I was so heartbroken when she told me that, "ballet isn't fast enough for me mommy." So, it's been soccer ever since. I think Zibs will be our dancer (fingers crossed:) Dance your heart out Claire girl!