Monday, June 21, 2010

16. eat entirely local for a week.

You'll notice that many of the items on my 33 things list have to do with food. I love food. Also, I had just read this great book. I knew that I would wait til summer to attempt my own week of local deliciousness, even though I have a weird kid who goes with me to the farm each week to pick up milk and routinely asks me whether the grapes at the market are from Maxico, I'm not normally obsessive about things being local.

So celebrate, locavore style, I'll share a week's worth of seasonal dinners with you and skip recapping our awesome neighborhood egg breakfasts and leftover lunches. Since today's meal* photographs like a bowl full of greenish glue, I'll show you Saturday's farmer's market haul:

*Because I add to kale to everything, I added a ton of kale to this recipe. I also added extra onions, 3 potatoes and some very local chard and spinach that needed to be used up. To compensate for the additional veggies I added extra broth and a bit of water. It made for some tasty, tasty green glue.


katie said...

yummmm green goo soup! sounds awesome. Thanks again for hosting us last night, I always love hanging out with you guys!

Des said...

can i read your book?!?!

Their Giant said...

Yes! I meant to loan it to you a while back and forgot...I have another book that I want you to borrow too that has nothing to do with food.

Priscilla Marie said...

Right on! Good for you for going local for the week! It is expensive! Where do you get your milk? Is it raw?