Monday, June 14, 2010

worse than that one time i gave tlo's mom an inadvertent bob.

Today a child left in my care decides to give herself a haircut. A child with beautiful long hair. When I find her with scissors next to her ear and a pile of soft curls at her feet, this sensitive little girl starts to cry.

Later, Claire asks her friend why she cut her hair. The friend answers, "Because it was getting long."

I guess that's what I'll be telling her mom this afternoon.


L Case said...

That stinks. I hope she doesn't need a haircut to fix the haircut. The boys keep telling me Aliyah's hair is too long... I'm hoping to NEVER find one of them standing over her with a pair of scissors.

Anonymous said...

oh man that sucks. i'm sorry kar.

Des said...

oh no......

Alida said...


Even after reading about this incident I'd totally leave my kids in your care.

Sending you hugs.

cmhd said...

Doh! It will be okay.

How do I know, you ask?

Because tlo's mom still loves you, inadvertant bob and all. :)