Saturday, July 24, 2010

23. fit into the wedding dress again. done.

You know that cliche' about marrying your best friend? It's totally true. One of the best arguments for marrying your best friend is that when you're 33, have had two babies and decide at 11:00 PM that you want to see if your wedding dress fits you have someone to make you "suck it in" while he attempts to zip it up for you. You also have someone who will tell you you're beautiful, even though you can't breathe and will help you out of the dress before you injure yourself.

I am the luckiest.


Des said...

giggling a lot on this post! thanks for the image!

Des said...

PS- I should have known you were secretly plotting this whole last month of toilet rades to cross this off your list!

T Mama said...

Des, who can say it better than Des?!?!

Anonymous said...

Are you still planning on trashing the dress? (:


Their Giant said...

Mel- check out #24 on my list..I don't think I can do it - plus, I'm not sure I want to squeeze into it again!

Their Giant said...

PS> Mel,when I was pulling out wedding pictures I found some pretty cute ones of you from our wedding. LOVE.

T Mama said...

I think all of us should have a party at my place....wearing our wedding dresses..... required! We all secretly want another reason to wear it! LOL

Holly said...

Kudos!! I will not be trying that anytime soon. But I also will not be throwing out the beautiful dress.

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