Thursday, July 22, 2010

camping with little people.

You pack and pack and pack and inevitably forget at least a few critical things.

They're not going to sleep like they will at home. Under no circumstances should you make eye contact with them in the mornings. Pretend to sleep. What else can you do?

They will eat a bunch of junk. It's ok. It's a marshmallow. Chill out.

They're going to have the greatest time ever. Don't be so tired that you miss it. She won't always be tiny and in boots. You'll want those moments back, but they'll be gone.


L Case said...

Hey look who's dumping the potty in the background!

Jennipher said...

most rules just go out the window when we camp...and I've never looked back since:) missed hanging out:(

katie said...

so cute, I am so jealous of your little trailer... super cute!