Monday, August 16, 2010

16. eat entirely local for a week....round 2.

Our last attempt at eating locally ended with a month-long bout of horrible sickness. Hooray for local food!

Thankfully, we are all healthy enough to attempt this again. Here's what you should be making tonight for dinner. Ours was tasty, but I didn't make nearly enough.*

Creamy Roasted Tomato Soup
I made a soup similar to this, omitting the red pepper and paprika. I also substituted a bit of cream for some of the stock. I added a big handful of basil just before I pureed it. Holy cow, guys. You should do that.

We had ours with steamed green beans from some friends. The tomatoes I used were a mix of yellow and red from the farmer's market this week and they were fantastic. I made the original recipe several times last summer and love both.

*Seriously, I would double this recipe if I were making it for a family.

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T Mama said...

your soup looks way better than theirs! Love that website. I must try this.. said like Arnie. LOL