Wednesday, August 18, 2010

16. eat entirely local for a week....unattractive, yet tasty.

A while back, my generous neighbor offered me space in her garden to plant. I chose to plant beets. I don't particularly love pickled beets, but fresh ones are my friend. A couple of days ago, Lola calls me and says, "You might want to come over and get your beets." Dude. There were a LOT of beets. We will be eating beets for the rest of the month.

Lemon Chicken with Green Tomatoes & Beet Greens
I did a loose translation of this recipe, substituting pickled green tomatoes from my pantry for the green olives and the green stalks from my beets for the parsley. I also omitted the cumin because I wasn't feeling very cumin-y.

We served this with roasted beets. Claire ate hers because I promised her dessert. Evie decided he hates beets with his whole heart. And Nate was a fan of the entire meal.


Alida said...

Beets are one of my favorites. I love roasted beets in my salads.

cmhd said...

Is this the first thing Ev has decided he truly hates? If so, that's not bad for 2 years in. :)