Tuesday, August 10, 2010

diagnosis: normal.

She asked if I wanted him added to the prayer chain and I said no. I didn't want to bother people. The truth? I didn't want people to think that something was wrong with him. But something has been wrong. I didn't want them to see anything but my sweet little Mister. I wanted him to be normal.

Only he has this thing. These febrile seizures, which turn out to be not such a huge thing. Still, signing him into his classroom at church and marking the special instructions section on the sheet made it real. People that are going to watch him have to know.

We spoke with the neurologist yesterday and he isn't recommending any more tests. Which is great because I'm certain my little heart can't take a sedated Mister Baby and an MRI. For now, we wait for him to outgrow these seizures. We wait. We live our lives and breathe a little.


Laurie said...

Praise God! We've been praying for you all. ♥

Jennipher said...

so thankful and my heart feels lighter for you!