Monday, September 13, 2010

there she goes.

People asked me if I thought I would cry when I took her to school for the first time today. I didn't. She didn't. Mister sobbed like a baby. He screamed her name as we exited the classroom. I don't have any photos of him. It was her day.

And she loved it.

I keep remembering the day we brought her home from the hospital. How I carted her everywhere in her little bucket carseat. I had no idea what I'd ever find to do with a baby all day long. In time, we found our rhythm. Now, our days are changing again. She has her own stories. I overheard her whispering to her brother over lunch, "Evie, did you know...SCHOOL IS AWESOME."


Jennipher said...

her backpack just rocks:)

Anonymous said...

Yah, where did that pack come from?! Well Done Kar!

Alida said...

So beautiful!

Des said...

I know this isnt suppose to be about the backpack, but seriously SOOOO cute! I am so glad she LOVED it!
OH and that Everett cried for her, it is amazing what kids know!