Wednesday, October 06, 2010

great pumpkins.

Mr. Baby needs to be contained. He loves Claire's preschool at least as much as she does. He runs into the building, refusing to hold my hand, throws open the doors and starts yelling, "CWAIRE! CWAIRE!" Then he goes for the train table or the animals or the light switches. He is a tiny, adorable menace. There are other mothers there to pick up children with other younger siblings who will sit quietly on their mothers' hips and wait for Teacher Sue to dismiss the group. Mine is not one of those boys. When I found out that she'd be having a field trip today with her class, I elected to leave the Mister with a friend. It's rare that I get to see my girl in action with her friends without Everett. She loved the day and so did I. We are fanatical about pumpkin patch trips around here so this is the first of many shots you'll see of my children in boots posing with vegetables. Fall is my favorite season and this is my favorite girl.


Anonymous said...

OH MY Gosh! That's the best pumpkin patch picture ever.

Love you.

T Mama said...

How do you get your beauty to pose for you? Love them boots to! Do they come in Size 8 adult?