Wednesday, November 03, 2010

my trick with treats.

In an effort to produce a less than plus sized baby, I am again giving up sweets. Last time, my midwives had me on a pretty great nutrition plan during the third trimester and this time around I decided to start a little bit earlier. Unfortunately for my kids this happened to fall right around Halloween. I love costumes. I even think trick-or-treating is kind of fun. What I don't love is the idea of a truckload of junk around the house for weeks after. Thankfully, Mister Giraffe was too small this year to notice the magically disappearing candy. Big Sister gratefully traded all but 4 pieces for 5 bucks. This mama had her fill of fun size candy bars on Sunday night and trashed the rest soon after. Bring on a regular sized baby!


T Mama said...

Dying to know how you will do it!! I need to give up, no, probably just cut back on, sweets. LOL It's those dang choco choco chip cookie recipe you gave me, the one w/ the steel-cut oats, those are soooo yummy! You can do it! (think 50 1st dates)

cmhd said...

Josh & Ev were twinner giraffes. Fun! PS - Good luck with the sweets thing. You can do it!

Jennipher said...

I think that eliminating sugar from ones diet takes more discipline than training for a marathon...way to go Kari...oh, and thanks for the feels better throwing it all away than eating it all anyway.

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