Tuesday, November 02, 2010

two girls for every boy.

More about the ultrasound soon, and of course the winner of the Starbuck's card. But for now, know that she is a she and we are tickled pink.


Jennipher said...

this is the first time i was ever right...well, this and guessing miss claire's name:) we love you and we are so blessed for the curtis clan!!

Their Giant said...

Before I got pregnant I constantly said I wanted a Zibby (I was thinking more about the spacing of yours than about another girl)...but I'm thrilled to meet this girlie who is sure to look like her "cousin" from Kimberly Ct.

ONeill5 said...

Congrats! What a Blessing! :0) So Excited for you guys!

cmhd said...

I told Meems you were having a girl, and in her 3-year old sense of time & incredulity (is that even a word?)(incredulessness?), she asked "Today?" Uh, no, but it was still funny.

Jennipher said...

i love that! kimberly ct. cousins! perfect:)

Anonymous said...

HURRAY!! congrats again kar!


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