Sunday, February 20, 2011


Of my three pregnancies, I felt the most beautiful carrying Everett. I also felt the most calm. Maybe it's all of the hormones from my girls conflicting with my own hormones creating a neat little cocktail I like to call crazy. Maybe it's that he was the most planned (by us) of the three. Maybe it's that I really am just getting too old for this.

Regardless, a friend asked me the other night if I was planning to do maternity photos this time around and I really should, because I can grow an impressive bump, even if I feel more manatee than basketball. So far though,this is photo taken by Claire one morning perfectly sums up my state of mind this time around.
Probably not something I should put in her baby book.


cmhd said...

This post is pure awesomeness! And Claire - you have a future career capturing the moment, girl!

Des said...

ummm you look great-not manatee at all-seriously great!

Jennipher said...

i just peed my pants.

Holly said...

I had not seen this yet and I LOVE IT!

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