Thursday, March 10, 2011


We love Nikki McClure around here.We also love the image she used for the month of March for this year's calendar. We think it's perfect.

I get nervous about sharing my due date with people (though my doula insisted on knowing the real one). Something about having those two huge late babies makes me gunshy about announcing to the world when this one will be here. However, there is a high likelihood that this little girl will be here by the end of March. She could possibly hang out til April (though she would then be later than the other 2). Regardless, she will be in my arms by May.

Let's all pray that she comes soon. That she is a manageable size and that she is not sunnyside up.


katie said...

i am praying all of the above! Nikki was so nice to include your expecting in her calender, very thoughtful! hee heee hee!

Jennipher said...

I love this artwork! thanks for sharing:) praying for a March baby!