Tuesday, March 29, 2011

this is the story of a girl..part 2.

Something changed in me at my 39 week appointment. My doctor informed me that he'd be on vacation the following week. The week I was due. I realized then that this birth was out of my hands and that she would come when she was ready. I was prepared to wait.

Because both of my other babies were eight days late, I assumed that Ingrid would be overdue. There were signs that she was coming, but I was still doubtful. When we got to the hospital, I left our bags in the car in case they sent me home. I did not want to be sent home.

The night before she was born, we took a walk. Nate pulled the kids in the wagon and I waddled. We walked a couple of miles. We stayed up late watching 30 Rock and talking. By midnight, I was in labor but because both of my other labors had been so long, I assumed I had another day or 2 before I would meet my baby. I tried showering to get the labor to stop. At 3 in the morning, I called my doula to tell her I thought I'd be going to the hospital in the morning. I also called my mom but told her to take her time. Thankfully, my mom didn't listen to me.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:45 AM. I was dilated to an 8. They didn't send me home. Even then, I still thought it would be hours before Ingrid would be born. With Everett, I arrived at the birth center at an 8 and he was born 12 hours later. My doula thought the baby was slightly posterior, so she employed the most non-invasive tool possible. She used a rebozo. The rebozo is a large Mexican shawl. Basically, the laboring woman lays on top of the rebozo hammock-style. Judy and a nurse vigorously shook me and then things got interesting. My body + rebozo= best birth ever.

I felt Ingrid move down into position. I felt my water break. I knew I was really going to have a baby. And less than 10 minutes later, I did. I assumed I'd be pushing and pushing and pushing. I asked for a mirror so that I could see her, but there wasn't time for mirrors.

People want to hear a horror story when you tell them that you had a 10 pound 7 ounce baby, but this was the best birth I could imagine. My doctor wiped the goo off of her and placed her on my chest. Ingrid is the only one of my babies that I got to hold right away. It is a moment that I'll never forget.

I am still in shock that everything went so well. My only expectation was that she would come out of me. Instead, I feel like the other two births were redeemed. Her birth changed me. It doesn't make sense that it could be so simple and easy, but it was. And after a c-section and a vacuum-assisted birth, I will take it. To quote St. Therese of Lisieux, "EVERYTHING is grace."

I am grateful.


Anonymous said...

That's the story that would have made me want to have a V-Back! And as horrific as my births were I would rather sit in a room and listen to yours! I love it, I am in awe! God is so good!

cmhd said...

I am so happy it went so well, and so glad she is here! I love that you got to experience holding her right after she was born!

Anonymous said...

love it.
love you.
love her.


Jennipher said...

this makes me so happy for you Kari, and reminds me how blessed we are as mothers. thank you. p.s. Ingrid's story sounds a lot more like what giving birth was like for me, beautiful memories. thank you.

Des said...

she is so precious-and I love your birth story!

Holly said...

I am so happy for you, Kar. That's a wonderful story. And wow, 10 pounds, 7 ounces. She's beautiful and so are you!

Valerie of Momia said...

You don't believe in making little babies, now do you?! I was revisiting an old post and saw a comment from you and thought I'd check to see if you'd had the baby (I didn't know when you were due.) Congrats!! I'm studying to be a doula and I hear such great things about the use of the rebozo. What a great story...all around! I'm very happy for you...and your family!! :)

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