Sunday, April 24, 2011

dear claire.

Today you are five.
Holy cow, I have a five year old. Yesterday you helped me bake your birthday cake. Every year, we mix it up together and then I surprise you with the decorations the next morning. While we baked, you kept telling me that it was the funnest day ever. You were thrilled by your cake (rainbows! pink icing!), but mostly, you loved baking with me. Today you said, "What a lovely birthday, Mommy. Thank you."

When you grow up you want to be a doctor and a teacher and a mommy. On Mondays, you'll be a clown.
It was a lovely day for me too.
I love you, girlie.


Des said...

o sweet Claire please don't ever stop wanting to be a clown!

Jennipher said...

she looks so much like zibby to me! happiest birthday sweetheart!

cmhd said...

She's so sweet - glad we got to wish her a happy birthday. :)