Saturday, April 09, 2011

here comes the son.

This is my boy. This week we gardened. We wrestled. I watched as he pedaled his two-wheeler. When I signed Claire up for school, I imagined that Everett and I would have tons of fun together on our mornings alone. Instead, I was mostly sick and uncomfortable and pregnant for months. I haven't been able to pick him up safely since November. We are both enjoying having mama back.

This is my boy. He has NO attention span for TV or movies, but on a rainy Thursday last week he stood at our kitchen window for close to an hour watching what he considered to be the coolest entertainment around.
Before Ingrid was born, I was nervous that he'd play rough or hurt her. Instead, he is the sweetest version of himself. He has a little voice that he only uses for her. He calls her "Wonderful Ingrid." He says, "Hi sweetgirl." This is my boy.


Anonymous said...

When I clicked on this blog all I could see was that smile that I love, it made me tear up! I miss that boy! And his family! Will we every really be well? I want to hold Ingrid so badly! Love you Guys!

Jennipher said...

you just gotta love that little guy:) so blessed for you and your precious curtis clan. hugs from us in mass.

cmhd said...

Love it.