Tuesday, May 03, 2011

five pictures from her 5th birthday party.

So many things about a pancake breakfast party are brilliant. Kids are best in the morning and there's no need for cake. Plus you can prep the night before, roll out of bed and into the party. Papa flipped the cakes, Oma did not let go of the baby.
The extremely crafty Hollie helped me make these easy decorations in a rainbow of colors. The party hats were perfect. I commissioned the Oma and Papa to make them.
For a craft we did shrinky dinks and beaded necklaces. The highlight for me though, was seeing these two faces.

Oh, and seeing little chocolate milk mustaches on faces that don't normally get such treats.

I loved this party. Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the delicious crustless quiche I made for the grown ups...but here's the recipe. You're welcome.