Monday, May 23, 2011

master of the obvious.

When I was still adjusting to life with two littles, I asked a trusted friend when I was supposed to shower. She told me that I might need to "lower my standards of hygiene." My standards of hygiene aren't all that high, but I need a shower in the morning. For me, every single bad parenting day can be traced to the decision to skip my shower.

We've been in survival mode around here the past several days with a sick Dada and two sick "big kids." And Sunday I'm pretty sure my standards of hygiene reached an all time low.

What you can't see in this photo: nursing tank (probably unstrapped on at least one side), giant floral pj pants and bare feet. Awesomesauce.


cmhd said...

And yet you look awesome. :)

Jennipher said...

the look on little Ingrid's face is just too much!

Anonymous said...

oh man, you both look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

ugh..... I can't believe I have not held that little girl yet!