Saturday, May 28, 2011

saturday tour of homes.

Claire was not at all disappointed when I vetoed my original plan of having her share a room with Mister Baby. I believe her response was "WOO-HOO! Can it be the girliest room in the universe, Mom?"
Welcome to my room. It is the girliest room in the universe. Ingrid's art was mostly found around our house, except for the subliminal baby art print which I found here and think is funny. The tiny pink square canvas was made by the big sister, it's a picture of the two of them and a soccer ball. The picture in the bottom corner was from the Nikki McClure calendar that hangs in our kitchen and that I stared at all through the month of March.
When I hung Ingrid's art, Claire immediately counted the pieces above the crib and declared that she needed more above her own bed. Let the competition begin, sisters! The art above Claire's bed was entirely found in our house one late night while the kiddos slept. Total cost: zero dollars. The green striped frame was a gift from my sister-in-law (thanks, Mel) with a page from an old Dick and Jane book tucked inside. The pink one was found in our basement, spray painted and filled with photos that Claire loves. The silver frame has a broach that I twisted from left over fabric (from Ingrid's hoop) and the nest sign and white dress were gifts from when Claire was tiny. She wore that dress when she was about nine months old.
This is what you see when you walk into the room. The dresser and changing table were both from the As-is section of Ikea. Side note: are you looking in the As-is section of Ikea? They assemble the furniture for you and it's priced less than the rest of the store. Hooray for Sweedes! Confession: when I thought I was putting Evie into this room the only thing I did was paint the room gray and have Nate spray paint the pink shelf above this dresser. He painted it turquoise at my request. Later, he painted again, this time he went back to the original pink. This is a good quality in a man: handiness and willing to repaint your shelves with minimal mockery. Shelves contain Claire's art stuff. Changing table is full of baby sweetness. You can't see it, but this print sits on the bottom shelf. Love. Curtains were made by the very wonderful Hollie Miller. Pom-poms were left over from Claire's birthday party.
I cleared off all evidence of my five year old's growing collections in the above picture, but this is how it looks in real life.
Three cheers for the girliest room in the universe.