Friday, May 27, 2011

straight up.

We spent the entire day trying to get outside: for a walk, to the park, something. Between naptimes and torrential downpours, this was the best we could do for exercise:

Yep, that's my girl, dancing it up with Paula. True fact: when I was teaching English in China, I went to what I thought was an interview for a part time side job as a dance teacher (stop laughing) and ended up teaching a group of ten year olds on the spot. The choreography was a combination of old dance routines from middle and high school and Paula Abdul's Get Up and Dance video.


Anonymous said...

"tap, tap, get outta my way...cause i'm comin'" paula lives on!!! good college times! how fun that you can do this with claire! :)

Des said...

straight up, i got me some paula moves, i have some great choreography if you ever need some ideas! :)

cmhd said...

Awesome, simply awesome!

Holly said...

Hooray for passing Paula on to the next generation!!

Janine said...

Well, she is maximizing movement.

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