Sunday, June 12, 2011

crafternoon delight.

One downfall of sending your kid to a great preschool is that she may expect to do awesome crafts every day. If your kid is an artist, she will require a bit more than markers and paint when it comes to crafting it up. Enter 1980's thrift store craft book. It's full of great ideas AND helpful tips:
I like how excited this kid looks while holding his crayon over a candle. (We opted to have the adult use an iron to melt crayon shavings rather than having her melt them over a candle. Call me crazy.) Shavings are placed between 2 pieces of wax paper and melted with a low iron. Yarn is looped in so it can hang in the window. Then wax paper is cut into shapes. Claire endorses this craft but did ask if she could use a candle next time.


Des said...

i loved this craft when i was young, i know shocking i know a craft!

katie said...

i loved this craft too! I love the smell of the melting crayons... Reminds me of being a kid.