Monday, June 13, 2011

our vee

Nate took this photo.

My kids are used to us selling cool things. Especially cars. And trucks. And buses. Especially buses. But when we decided that it was time to part ways with our sweet little camper, I wasn't sure how they would take it. After all, the Shasta IS adorable and it IS a ton of fun. Even at 34, I wasn't thrilled at the idea of tent camping this summer but the truth is we had outgrown the Shasta and it was time to sell.

Both kids helped clean it out. They went with us to deliver it to the new owner. They chatted about how awesome it was going to be to camp in a tent this summer. No one complained. Instead, they looked forward to the next adventure that we'd have together: tent camping as a family of 5.

They reminded me that they take their lead from us. If Nate and I had acted bummed about selling the trailer, they would have followed suit, but because we weren't bummed they weren't either. I want them to value people over things. I want them to hold loosely to the material gifts that we are given. I want them to be generous because we have been given so much.

Also overheard on the way home from delivering the trailer: we were talking about getting a treat. Claire tells Evie, "Dad has a lot of money now, we can get ice cream." Priceless.

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Jennipher said...

That adorable trailer would be hard to part with...even for an ice cream cone:) xo