Friday, July 29, 2011

10-4 good buddies.

Somebody bought some CBs last weekend. And this is what we heard over and over and over (get it?):
"Love you, Dad. Over."
"Love you too, Claire. Over."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

going all facebook on you:

Here are just a few more pictures from our photos with Esther. These were taken in June and she already looks completely different from this:

Side note, did you know that Claire has been referring to Nate as "The King?" It has everything to do with the fact that she IS a princess:

My good friend said that this section of pictures was her favorite, so I found a few more for her to check out, this time with Everett's whole face:

And this one:

And one of this boy, who has my heart:
Is this what people do on facebook? Post tons of family pictures? I still don't get it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

family photos 2011

Seven years ago, I drove out to a little country church and married a boy that would one day become a man. About a month ago, we drove back to that country church for family photos* with our three (three!) kids. Slow down, life.

I'm trying to pick one family photo to print on a canvas for our house. Here are your choices:
1. Ingrid's tongue is out, but at least her face is showing.
2. I love this one because Claire's smile is so real.
3. Weaponry? Yes, please. Not pictured: a shot of Mister peeing all over the beautiful oak trees that surrounded us.
4. Mister looking a little like a monkey. I think we may have started bribing them for smiles with ice cream at this point.
What I learned that day: getting five people to cooperate for pictures is tricky. Thankfully, I have managed to teach Nate how to smile since our wedding. Photography, like life is messy stuff. These pictures aren't perfect, but I love them because they are my little family and I am grateful.

Any thoughts? Which photo do you want to see super-sized when you walk into my house?

*All photos were done by the wildly talented Esther Eckelman. She's also a great babysitter.

Friday, July 22, 2011

one of mine

When she came out she was unfamiliar. All of that dark hair. All of those 10 1/2 pounds of her. Fat cheeks that made her eyes disappear. On her birthday, Claire said, "Mom, Ingrid kind of looks like a boy."
Today. The cheeks have slimmed down enough to make the eyes recognizable. The brows are all Nate. Both of my girls and the Dada make this face fairly frequently. Teeth at four months, just like the other two.
We're settling in to a new normal. In some ways it feels like she's been here all along. I'm grateful that these 3 are not just a hobby.
I'm challenged and pushed by this job in ways that nothing in life has ever challenged me. May I do it well.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a post about beets.

This year Nate was in charge of our garden. I was in charge of sustaining life for our very sweet, very hungry baby. I gave Nate bucket full of last years seeds, some slug-o and instructions to do whatever he wanted. The only thing that surprised me is that he said he planted radishes. I never buy radish seeds, but at that point I think I had a 2 week old baby so I figured he knew what he was talking about. Weeks later, Everett and I pulled out these babies:I love fresh beets so much more than radishes. I scrub them and roast them with garlic, salt and olive oil. I even saute' up the greens. They make me happy. Apparently, Mister thinks the scrubbing is optional.

Monday, July 18, 2011

4 months.

Today you are four months old. People are always trying to tell me that you look like Claire or Everett. They try to find the pieces of them in your face. But you, little sister, are your own girl. You belly laugh. Mostly at those two big kids who adore you. You are the easiest baby. You nap easily, sleep through the night and are at the stage where everything is still a big thrill. Stroller? Yes, please! Ergo pack? Okay! Suck on your finger? Why not?

I wonder what it must be like to be the third baby in this house. There is always someone smiling at you, writing songs about you, calling you "my baby." All of this doesn't phase you. Four months in, two kids still feels like my "sweet spot." I can do 2 kids easily now. But I can't imagine me without you, Hunca Munca.

I had no idea when we were naming you how perfect your name would fit.
Ingrid Ruth: Hero's daughter, friend.

I love you, Sweetpea.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

family damp 2011.

I was just barely pregnant with Ingrid last year at camp. She felt like a sweet secret between us. This year, she spent the entire time snuggled to the front of me like the trooper she is. There are no pictures of her, because for the majority of our time at camp, my main objective was keeping her little face dry and warm. You'd think this would be easy in July. You would be wrong. The kids woke up early and got busy making puddle art. Soon, Everett's lips were blue.
No amount of wet weather makes this outfit acceptable, Nater.
The sun made a brief appearance. The downpours continued.
My husband, soaked to the skin in his ridiculous outfit, rolled up our tent and packed the truck while I entertained 2 very wet little people.
Leaving early doesn't feel like who we are. The kids were cold. Their lips were blue. And in the end, we made the call. They didn't like it, but they were asleep before we hit the highway.

And after putting up the tent again at home (so it could dry out) Nate piled the kids into the tent for bedtime stories and wrestling. I love you, Nate. Even in that goofy hat.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

calling all princesses

We're talking about our neighbor's recent visit to Alaska to see her daughter. Claire has questions about the daughter.
Claire: Is she a grown up or a kid?
Me: She's a grown up.
Claire, in total sincerity: When I'm a grown up I'll put my palace next to your house, Mama.

I kind of love that she really believes she will be a princess when she grows up (and also a dentist, a clown and a mommy).

Here she is in her royal tent, set up tonight in her bedroom. The fun around here never stops.

I haven't been overly eager to introduce the princess thing but the girl knows who she is, and I have made my peace with princesses. But I am picky. And I have a very sensitive little princess who would love to watch a princess movie but can't get past the scary elements of most of them. It seems that every princess movie has some sort of witch, wicked step mother, etc.

Does anyone have suggestions of non-scary princess movies, her majesty would be ever so grateful.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

happy birthday, america.

We hung out with bffs.
We ate cobbler. And PLENTY of other stuff.
Blew stuff up.
He let me hold him for the entire fireworks show...which was nice, it's been a while. This Mister isn't a Baby any more.

Each year we have a 4th of July BBQ and I love it. I love that I am giving my children the childhood that I wanted. Traditions and bffs and cobbler. I love that we have space to have everyone pile into our backyard and drink tea around the firepit and watch kids do goofy parades and laugh and laugh. I am blessed.