Saturday, July 09, 2011

calling all princesses

We're talking about our neighbor's recent visit to Alaska to see her daughter. Claire has questions about the daughter.
Claire: Is she a grown up or a kid?
Me: She's a grown up.
Claire, in total sincerity: When I'm a grown up I'll put my palace next to your house, Mama.

I kind of love that she really believes she will be a princess when she grows up (and also a dentist, a clown and a mommy).

Here she is in her royal tent, set up tonight in her bedroom. The fun around here never stops.

I haven't been overly eager to introduce the princess thing but the girl knows who she is, and I have made my peace with princesses. But I am picky. And I have a very sensitive little princess who would love to watch a princess movie but can't get past the scary elements of most of them. It seems that every princess movie has some sort of witch, wicked step mother, etc.

Does anyone have suggestions of non-scary princess movies, her majesty would be ever so grateful.


Jennipher said...

Kari~ I haven't watched these, but have heard of something called "Gigi, God's Little Princess". A friend of mine here suggested them for our littlest royal hearted girl. I think that they are movies through Christian Book Distribution. (and to Claire...I have a little princess here that would love to play dress-up when we get back home!)

cmhd said...

We have one that has 4 short (Disney) princess stories on it, that each have a theme - following dreams, being happy, I can't remember the rest. I'll see if I can bring it with me this week for you to check out.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jenn.... I also say Gigi! They have books too! I use to read them to my sister when she would come to visit! I may have some of the books, I will check! I don't think my John Deere, mud loving boys would ever let me read them to them! Good Luck! :0) Also, I love that Claire has such a soft spirit to those kids of things! :0)

Unknown said...

I know you are quite busy, but reading the stories instead of watching the movies is so much better for a child her age. In reading the kids are not bombarded with the imagery. In their minds the images are only as scary as they can handle. I have no suggestions for movies...we only have the scary ones and Isabela never watches them because they are too scary:(