Sunday, July 17, 2011

family damp 2011.

I was just barely pregnant with Ingrid last year at camp. She felt like a sweet secret between us. This year, she spent the entire time snuggled to the front of me like the trooper she is. There are no pictures of her, because for the majority of our time at camp, my main objective was keeping her little face dry and warm. You'd think this would be easy in July. You would be wrong. The kids woke up early and got busy making puddle art. Soon, Everett's lips were blue.
No amount of wet weather makes this outfit acceptable, Nater.
The sun made a brief appearance. The downpours continued.
My husband, soaked to the skin in his ridiculous outfit, rolled up our tent and packed the truck while I entertained 2 very wet little people.
Leaving early doesn't feel like who we are. The kids were cold. Their lips were blue. And in the end, we made the call. They didn't like it, but they were asleep before we hit the highway.

And after putting up the tent again at home (so it could dry out) Nate piled the kids into the tent for bedtime stories and wrestling. I love you, Nate. Even in that goofy hat.


nATE said...


Des said...

okay maybe in the hat but the pancho over shorts, that is questionable even for you friend! :)

Laurie said...

my favorite is the picture of the curtis plate in the trash! LOVE IT!!!

Laurie said...

and the title... family damp. next year we are borrowing the trailer. if it rains you guys can watch movies, eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate with us.

Anonymous said...

awesome! When we were kids my parents cut neck holes in trash bags and let us run around the campground.... at least nate is not wearing a trash bag...