Tuesday, July 26, 2011

family photos 2011

Seven years ago, I drove out to a little country church and married a boy that would one day become a man. About a month ago, we drove back to that country church for family photos* with our three (three!) kids. Slow down, life.

I'm trying to pick one family photo to print on a canvas for our house. Here are your choices:
1. Ingrid's tongue is out, but at least her face is showing.
2. I love this one because Claire's smile is so real.
3. Weaponry? Yes, please. Not pictured: a shot of Mister peeing all over the beautiful oak trees that surrounded us.
4. Mister looking a little like a monkey. I think we may have started bribing them for smiles with ice cream at this point.
What I learned that day: getting five people to cooperate for pictures is tricky. Thankfully, I have managed to teach Nate how to smile since our wedding. Photography, like life is messy stuff. These pictures aren't perfect, but I love them because they are my little family and I am grateful.

Any thoughts? Which photo do you want to see super-sized when you walk into my house?

*All photos were done by the wildly talented Esther Eckelman. She's also a great babysitter.


Stephanie said...

I love the first one and the last one. The first is my favorite because you can see Ingrid. She is such a cutie.

You probably already know where you're getting your canvas, but if you don't, I'll give a plug for Costco. We have a fam portrait on a Costco canvas and love it.

Des said...

ohhh those are cute, I like the last one the best but the first is good so we can see sweet Ingrid!

cmhd said...

I like the first one too, because you can see Ingrid, but the last one is cute too. They're all cute. :)

Micah Kavedzic said...

#1 and #4 (or whatever number the last one was). They both show the church...love that little place and love the realness of the pictures (can we officially say goodbye to fake library backdrops?)

Laurie said...

#2 FOR SURE! It seems the most real life to me and I LOVE the very real facial expressions.

Anonymous said...

favortie is the first one, the obvious reason is you look so beautiful. also love evie and ingrid. they are all great. you have a sweet family.