Tuesday, August 09, 2011

ham sandwich.

Confession: today I was really mad at Everett. The reason? He intentionally woke up my sleeping baby. The air went out of the room. I gave him a nice little lecture that I'm sure helped him to see why waking up a sleeping baby is a bad idea. Sometimes I think he's such a daddy's boy that he doesn't really mind that we've brought a new little someone into our lives. But he minds. So there have been a million little battles lately.

Tonight as Nate mowed the lawn and Mister was supposed to be sleeping, this is what I encountered:
Instead of getting mad, I laughed. I saw him. My sweet, goofy boy who would rather watch his dad mow the lawn than sleep, even when he missed his afternoon nap. If he needs to be in control of his sleep for a while, I can deal with it. I get it.
And this one? Didn't mind being awakened from her nap at all. If only I were as flexible as a 3rd baby.


Des said...

i love that ham sandwich! he is a funny one!

cmhd said...

I'm glad you saw the hilarity - awesome pics of both kiddos.

Jennipher said...

it's the little things that add up to the big things...meltdowns and blessings. Embracing it as it comes is the key to laughing at the "ham sandwich"...you are an awesome mom!