Monday, August 29, 2011

quick. don't do this.

I've been reading. The same wise friend who suggested this book also suggested that I make a don't do list, as the author did. As someone prone to epic to-do lists, writing this out was fantastic.

1. I don't sew.
I really admire your beautiful handmade stuff. But I don't sew. I wish fabric wasn't so pretty, but I'm going to go ahead and not buy any and instead support your etsy shop. In the free moments that I have, I don't want to sew.
2. I don't cloth diaper.
Cloth diapers are cute and I do enjoy the planet, but we are on an ancient, temperamental septic system and I'm not down with the poo turning my backyard into a lagoon. I feel like admitting this makes me lose hippie cred, but whatevs. I don't cloth diaper.
3. I don't do decorative gardening.
If you've been to my house you're not surprised, but unless it's edible, I don't want to be responsible for growing it.
4. I don't homeschool.
I feel like there is an expectation that I would homeschool. I was in grad school for teaching, after all. But (at least for now), I am not going to homeschool. My wise husband recently told me that either the kids or I would need to be institutionalized and he thinks it should be them. I agree.
5. I don't can food.
This one is hard for me to admit. Normally I like canning but this year the idea of sweating in a hot kitchen during the few moments that my 3 (!) kids aren't climbing me doesn't sound fun. If I'm in the kitchen I'm cooking a meal or baking something awesome. That's it.
6. I don't clip coupons.
This could truly be a blog post of its own, but I am horrible with coupons. I admire people who save boatloads of money with coupons, but I am not that girl.

I love that I can refer back to this list and remind myself what isn't on my job description during this season. I love that I have friends who sew and homeschool and have AMAZING gardens (Hi, Tina!) I love that I have cloth diapering friends and friends who love canning. We have all been given so many hours each day and we get to decide how to use those precious hours. Maybe next time I'll share with you what's on my to-do list. It's gotten good.

What's on your don't do list?


cmhd said...

I don't pick up dirty clothes and wash them. If you want it washed, you can put it in the hamper. And I think that's pretty accomodating of me, seeing as how my answer could be 'wash it yourself'. :) I also don't cook during the summer. Too hot.

Laurie said...

I don't blog. I don't garden (this includes yard work of ANY variety). I don't decorate my home (but I would like to). I don't paint and I'm thankful my husband does. I don't mop my floors. I don't wash my windows. I don't bathe my children daily. This list could get pretty long so I will stop now. I DO LOVE MY FAMILY and everything I don't do gives me more time with them.

Jennipher said...

LOVE THIS! I recently wrote one of my own....#1. I don't think that alcohol is wrong every once in a while:) :) :) xo Kari!

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