Tuesday, August 16, 2011

speaking of mercies being new every morning.

One of the things that we're still navigating is the sharing of rooms. And mostly it has been okay because a)Ingrid is really cute and b) she doesn't get into Claire's things. I'm guessing Claire might feel differently about sharing a room with her sister when Ingrid becomes mobile or when she decides that she wants to wear a favorite skirt. But for now, it's been pretty simple.

The one tricky part is the nap/quiet playtime. Ingrid and Evie nap each afternoon but Claire just plays independently while they sleep. Lately, I've been having her truck her (extensive) collection of art supplies, dolls and toys downstairs to play. Today she decided to have a "show" down there during her quiet play time. She took a CD player and her voice traveled up the stairs. This is what she sang:
Don't worry about a thing.

Cause every little thing is gonna be alright.

Amen, Clairegirl. It really is.


cmhd said...

Sure do love those kids...

Laurie said...

she did a show without Ollie and Eli???

Four Nuks said...

She is so darn cute!!!!!